Introduction to Electric Controlled Window Film

Electric controlled windows are the latest smart film technology, which is now getting recognized globally to be used in architectures, commercial buildings, residential homes, projection screens.

The reason these smart films are becoming popular is their ability to transform the windows from dark to clear or vice versa automatically. These smart windows or even popular as switchable windows, smart glass or dynamic windows use the same scientific data to function.

electric controlled window film

Despite some people associating certain issues with these electric control windows, they are working pretty well. Modern tech ensures that the heat stays out during summer. So, regardless, the size of your windows, your rooms will be completely insulated with these amazing windows.

To further enhance the window insulation factor, go with the current methodology; utilize a color film on the windows that can be controlled to change the shading and transparency of the glass.

Science Behind the Glass

If we pause for a minute to think about the science behind this application, we see that there is physics in play to accomplish this look. The finer details of a specification can depend on the build and the crystals within the film. But most products use a similar approach. With time, some companies may expand upon this and create something more advanced.

The electric controlled window film has many pros and cons associated with it. The potential advantages include reduced glare, improved privacy, reduced UV rays entering your rooms which mean better health. One more fact that you need to consider in this matter is that it can harbor dust, dirt, and other pollutants that may put family members at risk. As a result, they are hypoallergic.

The potential downsides that need to be considered while purchasing one is they have wires running from the windows to the transformers, which is dangerous in terms of safety implications of these wires with kids around.

In this guide, we want to look at the different types of electric windows that are used these days and their costs and availability.

Yoolax Motorized Smart Blind

Price: $185.99

It is made from Vinyl Material. It’s durable PVC/Vinyl material, thick and smooth, front-back same color, blackout shading, easy to clean, you can wrap the dust either use dry or wet cloth. Suitable for office, workshop, bathroom, kitchen and business area, reduce noise and Insulation.

It comes with Automatic Blackout Roller Shade Compatible with Alexa, Child Safety Rechargeable Battery Blind with Valance

Non- Adhesive Smart PDLC Film for laminated Smart Glass

There is privacy protection as it is made from non-adhesive smart PDLC film which is used to laminate smart glass. The glass is made from four materials Glass, EVA, PDLC film, EVA glass. It comes with a space partition, an extremely useful feature for your privacy.

In some cases, you can even use it as projector screens with a touch facility. You can install it in your cinema rooms. It comes with environmental protection; it effectively blocks 99% of UV and also stops the noise pollution in your quiet rooms. Furthermore, there is a PDLC Switchable Smart Film safe protection feature.

Non- adhesives smart window films are usually laminated between two layers of crystal glass to make a switchable smart glass. It also requires an EVA film lamination furnace to do the lamination. According to this feature, the targeted customer of the NON-ADHESIVES smart films is the fancy manufacturer of glass.

The thickness of the film is 0.4-0.5 mm. and the roll length is optional of 30 m or 50m.

Self-adhesive Smart PDLC Film for existing Glass

The self-adhesive smart film can be easily peeled like a sticker and you can easily paste it on any glass surface. Its simple installation makes it extremely easy for you to transform your home into a smart house.

It comes along with an ON/OFF switch in which within seconds the film can turn from clear to frosted. It comes with nonstandard shapes and dimensions.

You can also install it as your projector screens for usage in schools, cinemas, houses. It comes along with PDLC smart film privacy protection o avoid intruders. It also has a space partition break.

Furthermore, it is energy efficient by resisting 70% of heat radiation and electricity savings. It has 10 years of a long lifetime warranty. Commercial and residential buildings are currently using this technology.

The roll length is optional of 30m or 50m.

Photochromic Light-Control Smart Film

With the change in light intensity during the day, the photochromic film is kind of a heat insulation panel that can smartly adjust according to light intensity. It is an excellent source of UV rays protection, with an excellent insulation rate. Along with reduced glare and also has the property of softening the incident light intensity.

Furthermore, during daylight, the color of the film will gradually darken and likely it ejects the ultraviolet and infrared rays into the outside environment. Thus, it leads to the rejection of heat from the sun. With this technology, the temperature of your room is under control, thus it helps bring your bills down.

This is also an energy-saver as it reduces your electricity bills. As mentioned earlier, this film also plays its role in environmental protection by blocking 100% of UV and 92% of infrared rays. It completely reduces damage to human health.

There are a number of companies that currently create these products and offer a great service. Homeowners looking for this sort of modern-tech products should have no problem finding reliable provides such as the SmartGlass VIP.

electric controlled window film

Take Away

Choosing an electric controlled window film for your house would allow you to transfer a regular house into a smart one. These films not only provide privacy and protection, but at the same time, they are energy efficient.

They do not let the harmful rays from the sun enter your house while allowing you to enjoy the outside view of your beautiful garden. So, we highly recommend that you reach out to us today and transform your house.