Photochromic Light-Control Smart Film

Photochromic film is a kind of heat insulation window film which can intelligently adjust its visible transmittance with the change of sunlight intensity, soften the incident light intensity, reduce the glare, and has the characteristics of high heat insulation rate, transmission force and high UV resistance.

The main feature is that under the sunlight, the color will gradually darken, and at the same time, it rejections the heat of the sunlight, and ejections the ultraviolet and infrared rays outside, so that the indoor temperature will not be heated, and at the same time, it can achieve the energy-saving effect.

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  • MAIN FEATURE : The intelligent light control film is that under the illumination of sunlight, the color will gradually become darker, and the heat of the sun, the ultraviolet and infrared rays will be blocked, so that the indoor temperature will not be heated, and energy saving can be achieved at the same time.
  • PRINCIPLE : Special nano-materi are stimulated by different intensities of light, and the photosensitive factors are arranged at different angles and orientations.
  • STRONG LIGHT : When the light (sunlight) is strong, the nano-sensitivity factor absorbs more energy and is distributed in a regular manner, hindering the transmission of light. It’s like wearing sunglasses on the window, blocking the glare, protecting your eyes and blocking the heat. Create a warm atmosphere for you and your family.
  • WEAK LIGHT : When the light (sunlight) becomes weak, the nano-sensitivity factors gradually return to disorderly arrangement, and the light is easy to pass through. But does not affect your driving, sailing, work or enjoying the scenery. Protect your home and create a harmonious living environment.
  • ENERGY SAVING & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION : Blocking 100% of UV rays and 92% of infrared rays, avoiding the damage to people, cabinets, clothing and other items caused by strong sunlight. At the same time reducing the temperature inside the car.

  • Daytime – In the sun, the color becomes darker.Automatic adjustment of visible light comfort level.
  • Nighttime or Rainy day – The color of the film is lighter, the driving line is clear, and driving is safer.
  • ANTI UV – Blocks 100% of UV rays and protects skin from damage.
  • Thermal insulation,heat preservation,energy saving,explosion proof,uv isoltion,IR reflection,privacy and security protection.
  • Explosion-proof – Prevent glass splash when an accident occurs.

Application Field of Light Control Film

Construction: commercial building,residential,schools, banks, hospitals, airports, hotels etc.

Transportation: cars, high-speed rail, aircraft, cruise ships etc.

Photochromic films block 99.9% of the sun’s UV radiation, helping preserve furniture fabrics, draperies, hardwoods and family heirlooms by reducing premature fading. By blocking over 80% of the sun’s infrared heat energy transmitting through glass, lowers cooling costs for saving you money.

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