Self-adhesive Smart PDLC Film for existing Glass

With a EVA adhesive at rear side of the non-adhesive smart film, self adhesive smart film can be easily peel and stick to the existing glass surface, no need to change glass, easy installation, make your home to smart by yourself. A simple ON – OFF switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque).

  • Custom Nonstandard Shapes and Dimensions
  • Self-adhesive, easily fitted to existing glass
  • PDLC Smart Film Privacy Protection:A key against peeping,intelligent control.more convenient privacy protection.
  • Space Partition:Break the fixed space strong effect of extended space,privacy,open,do whatever you want.
  • Touch screen and projection:Family cinema,office projection,one glass gets all done.
  • PDLC Switchable Smart Film Safe protection:Against impact,it can effectively prevent the glass fragments to splash even if frag mentation.
  • Environmental protection and sound insulation:Not only effectively block 99%UV,but also can stop the noise pollution to creat a quiet world.

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Self-adhesive PDLC Smart Film Switchable

Smart Glass PDLC Film

With a EVA adhesive at rear side of the Non-Adhesive Smart Film, it can be easily peel and stick to the existing glass. A simple ON – OFF switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque).Widely used on glass windows in commercial office, home residence, hotel bathrooms,monitoring centers,etc. People can enjoy more open space as well as privacy with this smart privacy film.

We offered self-adhesive is a finished one with bus bar which can directly installed on glass,a remote installation or living teaching support is offered to our customers.

1,UV resist and privacy, Resist 99% of UV rays

2,Privacy:Shading, cooling, energy saving and environmental protection;

3,Energy efficient, resist 70% heat radiation and electricity saving

4,widely usage: it can be used on clear glass for commercial or residential usage

5,Easy installation. Just peel and stick with wirings and busbar

6, Long life time: more than 10 years usage

Switchable film Specifications:

Smart Glass VIP Self-adhesive PDLC film advantage:

1,ITO film coating done by in-house Smartweb roll to roll coating system,quality assured.Instead of other factory outreach.

2,Liquid crystal proportioning is our R&D patent done by in house,that makes PDLC film high transmittance of 85%.

3,Dust-free, thermostatic workshop manufactured PDLC film,prevent no dust might occurred quality problem,even though in dry cold weather.

PDLC Film Packing in Roll

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