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Switchable smart glass has a wide range of applications in modern life. It can be used at hotels, offices, banks, villas, private clubs, control rooms and any places you want privacy.


Creates a private environment for important business meetings and presentations, limiting distractions and the ability to observe for colleagues and other visitors.

When the panel is turned off, it gives a feeling of open space, uses a low operating voltage, consumes little electricity. Available for installation on automatic doors.


Creates a space that visually seems larger, and creates natural light. The soft light exudes the beauty of modern simplicity. Electric glass creates countless design options.

New Fun

Smart-glass products can be used in bedrooms / bathrooms / toilets as partitions, in window and balcony glazing, in conference rooms, as projection screens in bars and restaurants, and many other cases.


Smart Glass offer an alternative life style for you. Turn your windows from transparent to opaque with a click.

Personal Privacy

Smart Glass is to really make that first impression last, a real conversation starter that will enhancing life experience.


Intelligent PDLC film glass can still apply on various scenario like hospitals,banks,mall windows or halls.

More Application

Apply at different industries, such as office meeting room, hospital windows, building curtain wall, service window, and so on.

Smart PDLC Film Manufacturer

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Smart Glass Inspiring Spaces

Switchable glass enhance your space feeling, bring you easy-control space in life.

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