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Smart PDLC Film glass windows: costs, benefits and disadvantages

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Smart PDLC Film glass windows: costs, benefits and disadvantages Nowadays, almost everything we have has been transformed and evolved into "smart" variants. There are smart TVs, smart homes, and even smart refrigerators, so it makes sense that our home windows

What is electrochromic glass? 5 Benefits of Smart Privacy Films

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For some time now, we have endeavored to equip everything that surrounds us with intelligence. One of the latest to join this trend is electrochromic glass. This innovation will surely take you by surprise. For this reason, we are going to explain what

Why Interior Designer is Now using Dimming Smart Glass Film

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Dimming smart glass film Becomes Top Interior Design Choice Both workplace and home interior designers have shown a preference for a dimming smart glass film. Interior designing and decoration are ever-evolving. Architectural ideas go in and out of style however

PDLC window film: 7 reasons forced you to choose this modern glass

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Entering a house with PDLC window film is a real dream: the elegant atmosphere and timeless warmth. But precisely because of their imposing and sometimes expensive appearance it can happen that this perception blocks us, in the possible choice of new fixtures. Better

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