What are the Best Smart Privacy Film Options Out There?

Smart Privacy Film is an imperative part of modern houses especially due to huge glass fronts and big open windows. The idea is to let a lot of sunlight in. However, these fronts and windows come with a disadvantage.

They do offer a stunning view during the day, but at night they cause a breach in your privacy. Once you turn the lights on, anyone from the outside can see what is going inside. Of course, there are traditional ways such as installing a blind or a curtain would do the trick, but it would always take away from the overall interior.

So, how to keep the look intact, yet ensure privacy? Simple, use modern technology. You can use smart tint film onto your window and enjoy adjustable privacy.  The technology is simply amazing.

In case you are wondering what exactly, is this amazing technology? Then you have come to the right place. This is a comprehensive guide on smart films and the benefits they offer.

An Inclusive Guide on Smart Films

The great thing about tint films is that you can incorporate them anywhere in your office, home, school, etc. They are not limited just to the big windows located on the outside of your house. On the contrary, they can apply them to your bedroom windows, bathroom windows, conference room doors among other places.

In addition to offering great privacy, these films allow adjustability. We will talk about more this factor below. However, for now, let us focus on what is smart privacy film?

Introduction to Smart Films

Smart films are an excellent replacement of electronic window shades in order to ensure privacy at night and cut out strong sunlight during the day.

These products generally use AC power to adjust the light transmission between crystal clear transparency to complete opaqueness.

Initially, these films were used only to make smart glasses. However, thanks to technological advancement, modern smart films are extremely advance. They have the capability of being directly applied to existing windows.

You would just need special self-adhesive or glue to make sure that the film sticks properly to the window. These modern films offer a wide range of functionalities including security, advertising, etc.

Moreover, most film application is via polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass laminates. They mainly need 110 VAC in order to function properly. Companies are trying to come up with different installation methods. They are trying to install the films directly without the lamination.

Avoiding the lamination would save companies a lot of costs. Thus, it would reduce the overall cost of the smart privacy film drastically.

How does it work?

These smartly designed window films use electricity along with liquid crystals to prevent privacy invasion. It is possible for you to either enjoy a clear view of the outside window, or you can turn it complete opaque to ensure that no one can see inside.

In addition, these films come with an opaqueness adjustability feature. The technology it uses might seem simple, but it is really sophisticated. We can clearly see that a lot comes into action to achieve the dramatic, yet elegant style of going from clarity to opaqueness.

The film uses polymer dispersed liquid technology.  The idea is that when there is no power, the liquid crystal molecules do not have any specific order. These disordered molecules prevent light transmission. Thus, it renders the film opaque.

However, once you apply power to the fil, the liquid molecules start to form an alignment. It won’t be wrong if we say that electricity forces these molecules into alignment. With these smart films, you can create ideal privacy or enjoy complete protection from the sun via a flick of a switch.

Smart Windows Vs Smart Films

People new to this technology believe that smart windows and smart films are interchangeable concepts. However, they are extremely wrong. Both these concepts are unique in their own way. They use different technology, functionality, and much more.

When you turn to a smart window, it means that you would actually have to install an entirely new window. Of course, the window would come with built-in clever crystals. We do believe that there are some cases where this is a practical solution.

For instance, you are building a new house and you want to incorporate this technology into your windows. So, the use of smart windows here would be a healthy and profitable decision.

On the contrary, if you already have windows intact and you want to turn your old windows into a smart window. Opting for smart windows is the least feasible thing to do. Here, using smart privacy film would be a more cost-effective solution.

You would simply stick the film to your current window and relish its endless functionalities. Using films for existing windows would lower your cost drastically.

What are the Benefits of Smart Films?

Turning to these smart films offer a number of benefits. Below, we did come up with its most popular advantages.

Reduce Heat

Sometimes the sun is extremely strong and you want to block it out. These smart films would limit the prevent sunlight prevention. At the same time, they would ensure that they keep the heat at bay.

They would not allow the heat to penetrate into your rooms, thus keep its temperature under control.

Easy maintenance

When you buy smart films form the right supplier such as the Smart Glass VIP, you would understand that cleaning and maintaining these films are extremely important.

A lot of dust particularly tends to accumulate in the electronic blinders, therefore, it is imperative to clean them regularly for proper functionality. Cleaning these blinds is a daunting task.

On the contrary, with smart films, you do not need that rigorous cleaning. Furthermore, all you need is some wipes to clean off the affected areas.

In addition, they offer a number of health benefits. For instance, high-quality films tend to reduce the penetration of UV rays. These rays might have an adverse effect on your health. Their lack of penetration reduces this particular risk.

Improved Privacy

When you install smart tint film, you ensure ideal and complete privacy. Of course, you can install electronic shades to have privacy, but you would have to sacrifice the mesmerizing view.

It is not something you would like to do. After all, the main purpose of those big windows and front glasses was to enjoy the beautiful view outside. In the case of a smart privacy film, you will not have to worry about that. It offers privacy without compromising the view.

User-Friendly Approach

The great thing about these products is that they are extremely easy to use and install. All you need to do is buy a piece of film and cut it as per your required dimensions. Next, you would have to add the right transformer and connector.

Once, you do all the above, you are good to go. We do agree that the self-adhesive versions are a little tricky, however, they are still a better and cost-effective installation process than getting an entirely new window.

By the by, which would cost you a lot more.  Another great thing about these films is the different operating methods. You can either have a switch, a remote, an app or even voice command.

Find the Option that Suits your Needs to Perfection

Versatility is among the prominent advantages of the smart privacy film. There are a lot of products to choose from. We understand a decision as important as this requires in-depth analysis. After all, it is not like curtains that you can change every other day.

Finding the right product can be challenging, but not if you reach to the learned staff at Smart Glass VIP. These people have many years of experience on their hands. They deliver only the highest quality smart films and similar products.

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