Post Covid19: Why Incorporate Adhesive Privacy Film in your Workplace

The Covid19 has turned the world upside down, at least for some time. What was once considered normal now has a whole different meaning. The spread has an impact on every individual, industry, and business. The good news is that this isn’t permanent. Once this is over, revising your office plans would be imperative, you might just have to add Adhesive Privacy Film in your workplace.

For those who already have it, they might have to make minor or major changes to it. We understand that returning to your workplace after COVIDE would not be the same. It would be like returning to an entirely new place.

It is the top priority of every workplace to keep its employees healthy during the transition. While you are working on the reevaluation of your office design and procedures on how to improve office safety, we recommend signage.

It can be a powerful tool to make people aware of the new changes in the workplace. In addition, effective communication can make the transition process seamless. However, for effective communication, we believe Email would not be sufficient this time.

You would need something more. In this blog post, we are going to talk about how signage, when combined with Adhesive privacy film, can help make things easier.

Adhesive Privacy Film and Floor Signage

Since offices were not planed with social distancing in mind. Therefore, it would be challenging to turn them into one. They have dead ends, narrow hallways, and numerous other problems. These things would force people to come in close proximity.

There is a probability of them bumping into each other. It would be extremely difficult to navigate especially when you want to maintain a 6ft distance even for the open-plan office spaces. So, to avoid this problem, and effective solutions are to create one-way traffic throughout your building.

Doing this would require to indebt analysis and routes. You would have to revisit every part of your office to make sure that you minimize close contact. You would also have to temporarily block the office sections including the extremely narrow hallways or the dead-ends.

All the places that cannot offer ensure one-directional flow needs to be closed down. Add labels to the existing and entrance of the building. This would make it easier for employees to stand in a line and wait for their turn to enter or exit.

After thorough planning, you would have to mark the directions. Thus, making it easier for the people to follow and prevent them from crossing each other in close quarters. Doing all this would ensure social distancing.

Use the Space Effectively

For starters, you would need to reconsider how you have been using the spaces previously. It is no longer possible to use hurdle rooms or other small enclosed areas for planning to meet. You might have to limit the use of certain office places while closing some others completely.

Discuss these aspects with your teams and then make the right decision to ensure social distancing. For this purpose, you would need to post signage that would indicate the occupancy limits. They would also provide information if that room is closed completely.

A bold way to put up signage is to use the adhesive privacy film present on your windows or wall. Allow the smart glass walls to direct people in the best possible way. According to the CDC guidelines, if area distance is less than 6 ft, it is highly recommended for people to wear masks.

Make sure that you clearly communicate these requirements. The team should be consistent in their response. Employees should be wearing a mask all the time.

Social Distancing

Jogging, grocery shopping, and visiting the bank are a different experience now. The regular norm is no longer normal. People are forced to maintain social distancing there. The government has ensured that people maintain social distancing in public spaces.

Now that you are planning to reopen your office, you would be facing a real challenge. After all, offices are designed for close collaboration and working together. Going against the very nature of the building architecture is going to be challenging.

In addition to the meeting rooms, and traffic flow issues, you would be facing some unique consideration. These factors would pose a threat to social distancing and it is something you are trying extremely hard to maintain.

For starters, you need to recognize that areas that are likely to host a gathering. To ensure that your employees are maintaining social distancing all the type, you would have to provide them a constant reminder.

Use signage in break rooms, or front desks. Write the message “Maintain Social Distancing” and let it hang everywhere. You can even use your smart glass technology to project your message across your office.

The constant reminder can become monotonous, but this is not something that you can take lightly.


Good hygiene is always a part of an office routine. However, now the cleaning standards have raised significantly. You would need to have more than just your regular cleaning standards. Set some effective and important business cleanliness guidelines.

Make your employees aware of these guidelines. Making them familiar is not enough. Its human nature to forget things over time. Therefore, you need to have constant reinforcement. Keep on reminding your employees regarding the guidelines.

If you do not provide them with constant reminders, there are likely to forget small, yet vital things. For instance, they might not wipe down the shared surface. Thus, resulting in the spread of the diseases. There are several other similar instances that you need to take care of.

Usage signage to remind people consistently.

Apply Adhesive Privacy Film on Glass Panels

Instead of correcting new small, isolated cabins, think of using glass panels to create them. However, people would say that glass panels would not offer privacy. Something, which is imperative in an office environment.

A good idea is to use the adhesive privacy film on the glass panels. Doing so would let the employees set their privacy levels. They will have complete control over how the privacy works within their isolated cabin.

Guideline Customization

Since the new safety protocols are here to stay for long. Therefore, we recommend that you combine them with your branding strategy. Customize the reminders. Add your brand color, company logo, font, etc., to ensure its effectiveness.

General signage would become an intrusive eyesore in your workplace in no time. The employees would start paying less heed to it. In addition, every business is unique, thus they require unique secure operating protocols.

When a company customizes their signage to enforce SOPs, they are likely to yield better and more effective results. People will take the signage more seriously and would work on implementing them.

You would also have to provide guidance or lectures to your employees on a regular basis to let them know if there are any changes or to reinstate what they have learned so far.


Why Choose us as Your Adhesive Privacy Film Supplier?

Since the privacy films are offering more their main purpose. They are also becoming a way to educate people. It is important that you choose the right supplier. After all, you will be investing your time, energy, and money to use these smart films in an effective and efficient manner.

SmartGlass CN has years of experience in designing and developing tailored adhesive films. We have the skills and expertise to deliver only the best and the highest quality films. Our films are designed to offer privacy, isolation, and security.

They would aid you at every step of this fight against COVID 19. Instead of using them for advertisement, you can use them for spreading awareness and information, within and outside your office space.

If you want more details, you can reach out to one of our representatives.