Car Companies Switch to Switchable Glass

The future of car companies totally relies on the company’s ability to come up with smart and unique solutions.  This involves keeping in touch with the latest technologies. It is important to understand the rising need for smart cars. Car smart film is one such application that can transform car surroundings from drab to fab.

Car smart film is the new transformation that helps in achieving a unique yet optimal performance in your showroom.  It not only adds to the existing features of the car, but it can also help in creating brand value for the company. Many brands are considering it a game-changing technique for the world of automobiles.

Moreover, car smart film is a stylish way of dressing-up the showroom to attract more people.

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The Futuristic ways of Car Showrooms

It is quite common to get a car from a car showroom. It is also conventional for a car showroom to be very impressive and stylish.   Many thoughts and pondering go into making a particular showroom into what it appears for the client. This is why the showcasing platform is very important.

They have unique interior designs with elegant fittings.  The design of a showroom usually features open space for the sole purpose of highlighting the main features of the cars. When a brand invests in the switchable glass they automatically enhance their look which adds up and present an even better picture.

You need to understand that a car showroom must focus on its display as much as the car itself.  Excellent displays have shown illustrious success for many leading brands that deal with cars. It can be a turning point for any brand and its reputation build-up. This is the future of technology.

This not only enhances the client experience but also enhances the chances of increased sales for the manufacturers themselves. Drab and unusual surroundings can visibly decrease car sales. This may even affect the brand negatively by decreasing its sales.

Even the world’s most stylish cars work hand in hand with car showrooms.  They make sure to create an aura for the client that shows the car in its best light.  Some leading brands that work with this technique include Mercedes Rolls-Royce and Audi. More are hopping on this train for better advertising.

Switchable Glass

The use of switchable glass is serving the best kind of solution to various problems that might come in handy in fulfilling the requirements of a car showroom. This encircles the problems related to proper displaying; launch programs, and visibility features.

We already know that switchable glass is intelligent in a way that offers a variety of makeup solutions that cater to both: general and specified problems.

Hence, it is almost a solution to all the problems related to privacy, showcasing, and controlling the flow of brand empowerment.

Moreover, it has another great quality of PDLC Glass is that it is available in a variety of visions. A single switchable glass sheet can change from frosted to clear to partitioned view within seconds.

Car Companies Displaying Their Finest

Recent studies show that many car companies are investing in the applications of intelligent glass. In addition, this switchable technology in glass has shown the companies’ inclination towards using it more and more.

Noticeably, high-end car brands are investing more in using switchable glass. They are setting a benchmark for other brands to invest in the same technology to maximize the effects of their brand.

Jaguar Land Rover, F-Type, and Rolls-Royce have shown a particular inclination towards using switchable glass as a forum to introduce their new merchandise.

They have reached the pinnacle of success in the world of cars and now they are reaching higher than the skies by advertising with the use of intelligent glass.

By integrating the use of switchable glass with their projects they have intelligently integrated two of the main features of the glass to provide the maximum amount of benefit.

The most distinguishable quality that switchable glass possesses is its ability to become interactive at a single touch. The interactive feature of switchable glass helps the brand in engaging the clients. It helps the user to fully immerse him in the cars’ features.

Jaguar Land Rover

Recently, the Jaguar Land Rover has incorporated the rear action projection of the switchable Glass on a very large scale. They opted to install very big panels of the switchable glass in the form of a wall. This wall acted as a backdrop for the vehicle launch.

A survey showed that this action created an aura of excitement which affected the brand positively. The anticipation increased amongst the audience which worked in the favor of the brand.  Jaguar Land Rover was placed behind the glass backdrop and veiled from the audience’s view.

The presentation regarding the vehicle launch, plastered on the glass wall. They did this by presenting their project with great influence on a big scale, all the while keeping the audience’s focus in check. This captured the viewer’s focus.

The presentation reached the big crescendo by clearing the switchable glass and revealing the brand new Jaguar Land Rover.

By revealing the car in such a dramatic way, kept the audiences at the edge of their seat till the end. This gained them a great round of applause from the audience for an intelligent marketing technique.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce car is another brand that used this marketing technique in a slightly different yet unique approach.

Therefore, they incorporated the switchable glass by making use of its display feature to the fullest which was an intelligent decision in itself.

They partnered their marketing technique by making use of the famous brand named Harrods in London.  They opted to switch the glass screen into a big displaying window of Harrods.

This proved to be a very powerful tool in involving the passing audience. The screen was switched into a countdown screen that showed the time remaining in showcasing the car itself. This helped the passers-by in judging the amount of time remaining in the car launch.

The lesser time left on the screen, the more the audience accumulated.  The countdown itself raised the peoples’ anticipation for the launch of the brand new Rolls Royce.  After every countdown, the screen cleared and the car revealed itself. This event took place by recurring again and again for new audiences.

Remarkably, this marketing act helped Rolls-Royce in earning a front spot in many top-notch magazines, articles, and social media platforms. This is how it has been maintaining a niche in the competitive automobile industry.

Take Away On Car Smart Film

The companies that are manufacturing switchable glass have successfully taken the marketing world by storm.  They are helping different brands by stimulating their creative side in innovative and desirable ways.

Earlier the switchable glass only featured a few qualities like privacy and displaying aspects. As of now, more research is being done in this field to maximize switchable glass features that include fire resistance, sound insulation, and many such innovative designs.  They are becoming a great solution for creative problems that engulf advertising problems in unique ways.

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