How To Install Self-Adhesive Switchable Privacy PDLC Film?

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Smart Film and smart glass is an unstoppable revolutionary in glass industry, with the upgrading usage by architects, house owners, builders. They’re enjoying the benefits of privacy, security, energy saving, and easy installation.just using a remote control, the Switchable glass film is turning from clear to opaque. Procedures to Installation of Self-Adhesive Smart Film/Glass Step

Switchable PDLC Film Smart Glass Introduction

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What’s switchable PDLC glass? The essence of PDLC technology is the formation of a special liquid crystal structure (layer) between two layers of an electrically conductive polymer coating. When turned off, the glass becomes milky frosted. In this state, SMART  PDLC glass is optically impermeable, which makes it possible to use it as a projection screen of direct and reverse projection, various