A widely used form ofelectrochromic glass film, electronic PDLC smart film basically has a 3-dimensional structure consisting of microdroplets of liquid crystal dispersed in a polymer matrix (hence, the name Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal). These films offer a wide range of practical applications, including light control scenarios in which the PDLC film can electronically be switched between transparent and light-scattering states.

Electronic PDLC smart film is structured to ensure outstanding light transmittance and with good resistance to high-voltage electric shocks. The liquid crystal layer is sandwiched between two ITO films, followed by PET films with the help of a lamination machine, which secures the entire structure together.

When switched off, the electrochromic glass film remains in a vaporous state because of the disordered arrangement of crystal molecules. Once electric power is introduced to the film, the liquid crystal molecules become neatly organized allowing light to pass through and creating transparency.

Smart films or switchable films transform glass surfaces into light-adjustable surfaces by electronically adjusting light transmission between opaque and transparent. Thanks to moisture-resistant film technologies, new generation electrochromic glass films are capable of direct installation on windows, doors, and other glass surfaces with the help of special self-adhesive films or glue. These films may likewise combine a range of functions on top of light adjustment, including infrared and UV blocking-capabilities and other security functions.

One advantage of using electronic PDLC smart film is significant savings on the use of other window treatments and applications for installations that don’t offer nearly as good a performance and/or convenience as these switchable films, like blinds, shades, and shutters. Some popular applications for PDLC films include energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric curtains, switchable projection screens, and multi-function switch glasses that combine the functions of touch IR, full color LED tubes, projectors, and other smart film uses.