Dimming Film Smart Glass Solution To Replace Electronic Window Shades

Dimming film acts as a style and sleek design to your windows and provides privacy and energy-efficiency to your homes. The blinds and curtains have almost become obsolete and cannot prevent the sun’s scorching heat from entering the room. Therefore, electronic window solutions have become popular as they add style to your room and prevents heat and sunlight. However, electronic windows cover your window completely. Therefore, you cannot enjoy the scenic views outside your room. Therefore, a smart glass dimming film solution is the best option to consider as it provides privacy and helps you save energy by restricting the sunlight from entering your rooms.

This article discusses the advantages of dimming film over electronic shades and suggests some glass dimming film solutions.

Dimming Film

 Dimming Film

Who does not love to have windows in their homes and commercial offices? Windows add beauty to the ambiance since you can have a look at the aesthetic views sitting in your home or office room. However, windows destroy privacy and add energy costs. During the hot summer days, you cannot afford to let the scorching sun’s heat into your room. During hot summer days, fans and air conditioners stop working efficiently as they can’t encounter the heat emitting out of the sun. Therefore dimming film plays a vital role in helping you save energy and also adds privacy to your room.

The electronic window shades are quite popular among the masses as they completely cover the windows without letting the heat enter your rooms. Moreover, these shades completely seal your windows and therefore add extreme privacy to your room. However, sealing your windows completely will refrain you from enjoying the aesthetic views. Therefore, a smart glass solution dimming film is the best choice to employ as it refrains the sun’s scorching heat to enter your rooms and also adds privacy to your surroundings without making you deprive of enjoying the scenic views from your windows.

Advantages Of Dimming Film

Dimming film provides several advantages to users besides providing privacy and energy-efficiency. Electronic window shades are available in several options but they make the window completely opaque. Therefore, the smart glass dimming film solution provides both privacy and energy-efficiency to ensure you make complete use of your windows while achieving maximum benefits from it.


The key feature of the smart glass dimming film is that it provides privacy to the user. These glass solutions allow the user to control them via smart applications or electricity. Therefore, as the user supplies electricity, the glass turns opaque and maintains an optimum level of privacy. Moreover, the dimming film is soundproof and hence, ensures great privacy in terms of vision and sound.

Sun Exposure

The dimming film smart glass solution refrains the sun’s harmful UV rays to enter the room. The conventional systems may prevent the sunlight but they absorb the heat which can fade your belongings in the room. Therefore, it is better to use smart glass solutions that stop sunlight to enter the homes.


During the hot summer days, the sun’s scorching heat gets absorbed through windows, and fans and air conditioners become ineffective. Therefore, smart glass dimming film helps you save energy as it prevents heat from entering your room. Therefore, your room remains cool during summer and hence you can save energy. Similarly, in winters it prevents warm air from leaving the room.


The smart glass dimming film is dustproof and hence requires cleaning occasionally. Therefore, you don’t need to wipe your windows frequently. Moreover, the dimming films don’t require blinds or curtains that help you avoid frequent washing and cleaning.


Dimming films are cost-effective as they help you save energy. However, the glass is sturdy and hence adds durability to the windows. Once installed you do not need to change the glass in the long run. The material is extremely robust and therefore, the film is a long-lasting means of adding privacy to your homes.


The glass film acts as an opaque surface when turned on. However, when turned off, it acts as a mirror.

Different Smart Glass Solution To Replace Electronic Shades

Adding curtains and blinds to your windows to prevent the sunlight from entering your room can be quite boring and cliche. Therefore, most people employ electronic shades to their windows to avoid the head and to impart privacy. However, electronic shades completely block the view and hence, you cannot enjoy the natural scenic views. Therefore, dimming film smart glass solutions are the best choice to add tint to your glasses while maintaining the privacy and adding energy-efficiency to your environment.

Here are a few options that can be a good replacement for your existing electronic shades.

Sonte film

Sonte film is a wi-fi enable tint that provides an easy installation to the user. The good thing about the tint is that you can apply it to your existing windows. All you need is to measure the size of your window and cut out the dimming film according to its size. One side of the tint contains the adhesive that allows you to stick it to the window without removing it.

The sonte dimming film allows the user to connect the film to their smartphones via wi-fi so they operate it according to their convenience. Therefore, you can convert the window to completely transparent glass or opaque glass depending on the environment.


The invisishade dimming film offers several unique smart glass solutions for your existing window and its replacement. The key feature of the invisishade is that they provide soundproof tints as well. If you want a durable solution for your windows, you can opt for the lamination windows that will go with your existing windows. The other option for your windows is the replaceable privacy glass that replaces your existing windows, and it might cost you money. However, the most economical solution from the invisishade glass solutions is the electronic privacy film that comes with an adhesive layer. You can ask the supplier to cut the film according to your specifications and you can simply paste it to your existing windows.

The three types of invisishade dimming films allow the user to control them via remote control, smartphones, and electric switches.

Smart tint

Smart tint allows the user to employ it on their existing windows as well as it comes in separate windows to replace your previous ones. The user can convert it into a completely transparent glass or in an opaque glass according to their requirement. The dimming film comes with an application that allows the user to control it. The tint is available in several colors and comes with both adhesive and separate sheets with sticking tapes. Both the sheets aim at providing energy-efficiency and privacy to the user.


To sum up, dimming film smart glass solutions provide privacy and energy-efficiency to your existing windows. It also provides switchable windows to replace your existing ones. The blinds and curtains have almost become obsolete and cannot prevent sunlight from entering the rooms. The smart glass dimming film solution is an adhesive layer that sticks to your existing window glass and prevents heat. It also adds privacy to your home as it is opaque and soundproof. Moreover, these solutions are dustproof and durable therefore do not require maintenance.

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Dimming Film