Electrochromic glass manufacturers 2020: Pros & cons of smart Glass

Introduction to electrochromic glass

Eelectrochromic glass manufacturers have the interesting property of changing their color based on the incidence of a potential difference. Thus, by modifying the voltage applied to them, it is possible to control their:

  • degree of transparency and
  • consequently, the degree of transmission

Certain radiations of the electromagnetic spectrum will have through these materials.

It is in this context that electrochromic glasses emerge, which, with just the push of a button. It provides a control of the intensities of light and radiation such as:

  • ultraviolet and
  • infrared transmitted

Electrochromic glass manufacturers guarantee countless benefits to its users.

What is electrochromic glass?

It is a laminated glass that between the two sheets of glass. Instead of an interlayer, there is a device of suspended particles. These particles organize themselves when there is an electric current passing through them.

And with the organization of these particles we can see through the glass. When we turn off the power, the particles “relax” and get messed up, making the glass opaque.

The result of this glass, are windows and panels that are opaque when turned off. But that at the touch of a button this glass becomes transparent.

Where do electrochromic glass manufacturers use this glass?

Electrochromic glass manufacturers use it in:

  • Bathrooms
  • living rooms
  • offices …

I can already imagine this glass on a glass cover of a leisure area. It is possible to block the sun during the day and make it transparent at night to look at the sky! Imagine?

Electrochromic glass also has a different use. Instead of stopping being translucent it can only change its color at the touch of a button. Thus, the glass that was previously transparent takes on a darker color, shading the inside of the building.

Electrochromic glass manufacturers offer various colors such as blue, green, yellow, red and gray. With this it is possible to choose the colors of the glass according to each environment.

How does electrochromic glass change its colours?

The color change can also occur during the day as the sun moves. It depends on the automatic system of the glass. This luminosity can be reduced between 2 and 20%. In other words, your glass works alone so that your environment always has comfortable lighting … this is the future! That already arrived!

What are electrochromic glass manufacturers?

They are known as smart glasses for their ability to offer more benefits to the user than the transparency of ordinary glasses. The smart glass is basically a glass connected to the electrical energy. It can leave films visual opaque or transparent, depending on the time.

If it is off, it is opaque, and can even be used as an image projection screen. They can block sunlight and prevent overheating. Moreover, it can reduce electricity costs by avoiding the use of air conditioning.

In addition, it may also have other more advanced features, such as:

  • Functioning as a home automation control panel or
  • as a screen for rear-projection of images and videos

Although the idea is to provide the same benefits, currently, there are three most popular technologies available to the consumer:

  1. liquid crystal (LCD),
  2. electrochromic and
  3. suspended particulate device (SPD)

Let’s see how they work:

Electrochromic glasses –

It is known for being the most economical. Electrochromic glass manufacturers make this glass with materials capable of changing color when they receive an electrical discharge. They are formed by five thin films pressed between two glass plates.

The electricity triggers a chemical reaction in the electrochromic film of the sandwich, changing the way the glass reflects light. According to the substance that constitutes the device’s films, the colors obtained can be:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • red and gray

Also, it depends on the electrochromic film applied to the glass. When activating the electric current, solar radiation can be filtered. It reduces the incidence of infrared rays. To make the glass transparent, just depolarize the particles of the electrochromic device.

What benefits electrochromic glass manufacturers bring?

Windows made of electrochromic glass manufacturers, for example, allow an increase in visual comfort. Since light transmission can be reduced in periods. Especially when there is excessive light from the external environment.

Another advantage is energy savings. For instance, in summer the high Infrared waves through the window panes cause an increase in the temperature of the indoor environment. If the intensity of these waves is reduced, the energy used by air conditioners to keep the room temperature cool also decreases.

On the other hand, in winter it is possible to maximize the use of solar radiation to heat the environment. Another very interesting application of these materials is in vehicle mirrors. They allow the driver to be protected from the incidence of high light. Similarly, it improves road safety.

How do electrochromic glasses work?

In fact, the glasses used have a chemical composition similar to ordinary glasses. Moreover, they do not have electrochromic properties.

The secret of electrochromic glass manufacturers is to cover the glass with thin and transparent films. It is these compounds that, through changes in their oxidation state, will present a color change.

  • Advantages: This system has the advantage of not needing constant power supply. The color is changed with the application of one to five volts and to discolor the glass. Just invert the polarity of the electrodes with a new voltage application.
  • Disadvantages: The disadvantage is that the color change occurs gradually and can take up to 20 minutes.

Electrochromic glass manufacturers conclusion

The glass market is constantly evolving and always looking for new technologies. And there are ways to innovate our interaction with the environment on a daily basis.

An example of this is electrochromic glass manufacturers. These glasses already exist and are changing the way we see windows and partitions – literally! =)

This glass, despite controlling the brightness, does not have a good heat control. So it does not replace the sun protection glasses! (Still!!)