How to identify good or bad switchable privacy glass?

switchable privacy glass

Intelligent switchable privacy glass film state

With the development of technology, using switchable privacy glass to control the house is no longer new. Thanks to this technology, our lives have become more convenient. Moreover, the technology introduced below is also related to home intelligent control. Mainly acting on the user’s transparent glass windows.

Different switchable privacy glass companies are trying hard to develop more intelligent switchable glasses for hotels and homes. In addition, this technology can make glass windows switch from transparent to opaque in seconds. Users only need to use the flip switch or through the mobile phone app to complete operating.
How to measure switchable privacy glass?
Before application, users must first measure their own windows. And the related materials are like using ordinary window film. After a few simple installation steps, users can easily control the display status of glass windows.

Generally switchable privacy glass companies offer the price of materials with a Wi-Fi-free switch activation module of about ten square feet is about $ 184. For the same size, the price of materials with a smartphone activation device is $ 234. Similarly, the relevant activation module is only a prototype. And the appearance will be improved in the future.

Obviously, by switching between the transparent and opaque states of glass, users can better protect privacy. And complete lighting control through their smartphones. In addition, opaque glass can also be used as a flexible projection wall.

Consumers who are considering adding a technological taste to their glass windows can consider starting.


In order to block the light and soft decoration, families will install curtains on the windows. But in recent years switchable privacy glass window films have also become popular.

  • The prices are cheaper.
  • And they save more space.

 Which one is better to install switchable privacy glass windows?


First look at the glass film. It has a relatively strong functionality. Furthermore, the first is that the thermal insulation effect is very good. According to the test, the thermal insulation ability can achieve the effect of a brick wall.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

And it can also block ultraviolet rays.

As everyone knows:

  • ultraviolet rays can not only blacken the skin of black people
  • but also make furniture, floors, etc. fade and aging.
  • so ultraviolet blocking is necessary.
  • and many curtains cannot achieve this effect.


When the switchable privacy glass film is attached, it is reflective from the outside. And can’t see the interior. But it can be seen from the inside. Similarly, it can protect privacy. And the general curtains are closed. Then they are closed. And if they are not dazzled, the glass film will soften the light.



Atomized glass is also known as dimming glass.

  • Electronically controlled glass
  • intelligent dimmable color-changing glass
  • electric curtains
  • and color-changing glass is an intelligent high-end functional glass.

It controls the dimming glass in the scattering state and transmission changes between transparent states.

What are the specifications of switchable privacy glass?

The maximum size of electronically controlled dimming glass can reach: 1524mm x 3200mm. Moreover, the thickness of the atomized glass is 4 + 4, 5 + 5, 6 + 6, 8 + 8. Other specifications can be customized according to the needs of the scene. Transmittance: about 75% -82%

What is the time for the atomized glass to switch states?

Generally, atomized glass is also called privacy glass. In order to protect privacy in an instant, the switching speed between the transparent and atomized state of the switchable privacy glass is within 0.2 seconds.

What are the functions of switchable privacy glass?

  1. Generally, atomized glass is often used for indoor partitions. Moreover, the effect of power-off atomization and power-on transparency can be achieved through remote control. Equivalent to “electronic curtains”.
  2. Moreover, can be used for conference projection and window projection.
  3. Atomized glass has the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation and explosion-proof. When the glass is broken by impact, the glass fragments can also be pasted on the film in the middle. And the glass fragments will not splash and hurt people.
  4. Shield ultraviolet rays, reduce radiation, and protect indoor furnishings from fading and aging due to ultraviolet rays.

Does switchable privacy glass need maintenance every day?

The daily cleaning of the atomized glass can be wiped with a wet towel or newspaper. If the stains can be wiped with a towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar, it can also be cleaned with a glass cleaner.

The dimming glass is best installed and fixed. Furthermore, random collision, away from the kitchen, stove and strong acid and alkali solution.

What are the advantages of atomized glass partitions and ordinary glass?

First, the atomized glass is transparent and energized. Moreover, the power is atomized. The effect of opening and privacy is unmatched by ordinary glass. Secondly, the sound insulation effect, explosion-proof, and ultraviolet protection of dimmable glass are far superior to ordinary glass.

The transmittance of glass is up to 83%, which is basically the same as the transparency of ordinary glass.

Is it unsafe for switchable privacy glass to have electricity? Does it consume electricity?

switchable privacy glass manufacturers

switchable privacy glass is a safety product. In addition, the conductive layer of the dimming glass is surrounded by layers of glass and film. Unless the glass is broken, the circuit will not be exposed.

Similarly, the working voltage of smart glass is: 48VAC or 65VAC. And the average energy consumption is about 5W / hour per square meter.

  • According to the power consumption is only equivalent to the power consumption of half a small incandescent lamp.
  • plus, it is mostly in a semi-working state according to the owner’s wishes.
  • Simultaneously, its power consumption is very small.
  • So, you don’t have to worry about whether smart glass will consume power.

How to identify good or bad switchable privacy glass?

See if the glass is transparent, whether there are defects such as impurities and bubbles. The poor quality of the original glass or defects in the process will cause defects. Such as impurities and bubbles in the glass.

When the switchable privacy glass is powered off, the glass is atomized. See if the atomized color is uniform. If the atomization is uneven, the process of the dimming film inside is not high. When power is on, see if the transparency effect is white.

The application field of switchable privacy glass?

Atomized glass is mainly used for:

  • building doors and windows and indoor partitions.
  • business office
  • high-end residence
  • Villa
  • Hotel
  • hospital operating room / ICU
  • Bank
  • Window
  • Museum
  • Government
  • Yacht
  • automobile, etc.

Is there a shelf life for atomized glass?

switchable privacy glass can be used normally for more than 10 years. Even longer in a stable indoor environment.

Smart dimming film, has been used in:
  1. Household
  2. Transportation
  3. Business
  4. medical and
  5. media communication and other fields

Greatly expanding the application market of glass film.