A practical guide for the maintenance of self-adhesive window film


In modern society, people pay more attention to the protection of privacy. Compared with more transparent glass, people will stick it with Adhesive privacy film to protect privacy. At the same time, there is an advantage that the glass can be protected. Of course, there are more benefits.

So, do you know what is the method of sticking the Adhesive privacy film? Do you know how we should maintain the glass film? Let’s explain it below.

How to paste an Adhesive privacy film?

  1. Cutting:

When cutting the glass film, its length should be about one centimeter longer than the glass length. So as to effectively avoid the phenomenon of distortion or repeated paste.

  1. Clean the glass:

Clean the glass before attaching the glass film. And then spray some water on the cleaned glass to let it reduce the viscosity of the glass film. So that its viscosity will not be affected after drying.

  1. Remove the release film from the other side:

After removing the release film, sprinkle some water on the back of the Adhesive privacy film. Which can facilitate the subsequent construction? So that the film can be moved during the process of paving to find a suitable location.

  1. Paving:
  • Measure the size on the glass.
  • align the upper end of the glass.
  • and paste it from top to bottom.

If it is not aligned at one time, you can tear it off again and paste it. This is the benefit of the watering mentioned above.

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  1. Exhaust air bubbles:

scrape out the air bubbles in the Adhesive privacy film with a scraper. If the air bubbles that cannot be exhausted are pierced with a needle and smoothed out. Make it completely stick to the glass.

  1. Cut the remaining part:

After the paving is completed, use a blade to cut off the excess part.

What to pay attention to when sticking Adhesive privacy film?

  1. When attaching an Adhesive privacy film, the area of ​​the film is about 1 cm larger than that of glass. so it is more convenient to paste. In addition, in order to make the film without bubbles, you can use the cross-buckle positioning method to paste.
  2. Before sticking the film, make sure that the tool is not damaged. Because the damaged tool will scratch the glass film. After the glass film is attached, wipe with a detergent to make the glass brighter and smoother.

What are the skills of sticking Adhesive privacy film?

  1. In addition to pay attention to the method of how to stick the glass film. And the glass must be thoroughly cleaned. Spray more water during the cleaning. And then scrape it with a spatula several times, to ensure that there is no dust on the glass. Sprinkle a layer of water after cleaning.
  2. Before applying the Adhesive privacy film, spray some lubricant on it to reduce the viscosity of the adhesive layer. And then tear the protective film while applying the film. Secondly, we must determine the position of the glass and fix the film.

You can first make a cross and scrape the film from both sides. After fixing the film, use a scraper to scrape the bubbles out.

  1. After the construction of the glass film is completed, spray a little detergent on the glass. And then wipe it clean with a rag. So that the residue on the surface can be effectively removed. And the glass can be made brighter.

What is the role of sticking Adhesive privacy film?


In summer, the Adhesive privacy film can block 50% -85% of direct sunlight from entering the room. In winter, it can reduce heat loss by more than 30%. When the glass is broken, the glass film can hold the glass fragments tightly without hurting people and is very safe.

In addition, the glass film can also withstand high temperatures up to 500 ℃, effectively preventing fires.

There is a decorative film in the glass film. This decorative film can provide:

  • good natural light in the room.
  • can reduce the visibility.
  • It has rich colors and diverse styles.
  • and is well received by people.

Maintenance of glass film


  • 3 days after the glass film is attached, do not move the glass at will.
  • Do not use rigid wipers, brushes, or cloths containing sand to clean the glass film.
  • After the glass film is attached, you can’t hang the suction cup on the glass.
  • And you can’t paste stickers and other decorations on the glass.
  • You can use ammonia-free cleaning agent to clean the surface of the glass film
  • then gently dry it with a cotton cloth.
  • It can effectively remove the stains on the glass film.

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  1. For the stubborn glue or viscose left on the Adhesive privacy film, you can clean it with a soft detergent. So that the viscose remaining on the glass film can be quickly and completely removed.

The above is the relevant knowledge about Adhesive privacy film, I hope it can help you.

Why the bathroom glass film?

  1. Anti-ultraviolet:

The glass film has a very good anti-ultraviolet effect. So if you give the bathroom glass film, it can greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes in the sun.

  1. Heat insulation:

All window films have heat insulation effect. Which can:

  • block 60% -78% of solar heat
  • filter strong light
  • make the indoor light less dazzling
  • and have no damage to human skin and furniture.
  • The temperature can be controlled.

 Generally, the indoor temperature of the window glass after the film will be reduced by about 3% -5%.

  1. Protection of privacy:

For a relatively privacy place such as the bathroom, if the bathroom glass does not use frosted glass, then we can solve it with a frosted glass film. So that we can protect our privacy.

  1. Protection:

Filming the bathroom glass can also prevent the glass from scratching. And extend the service life of the Adhesive privacy film. This is the same as the common mobile phone film.

  1. Beautify the interior:

All kinds of objects in the bathroom will make the space look from the outside to give people a feeling of different tones and chaos. Therefore, if the Adhesive privacy film is used, this kind of incoordination can be completely eliminated. And it can be harmonious with the surrounding environment.

Tips for bathroom Adhesive privacy film


Before filming:

  1. Only good results can be achieved with clean glass. First, the glass needs to be cleaned. It is best to wash the glass several times and clean it repeatedly with a spatula. The effect is to achieve dust-free, stain-free and sand-free. Then spray a layer of water.
  2. Prepare operating tools: Prepare operating tools. Such as:
  • Scraper
  • utility knife
  • Ruler
  • watering can, etc.

Note: We need to check whether the tool is flat, smooth, or notched.

During the filming process:
  1. Check the size and quantity of glass film: When buying glass film, you will generally choose a slightly larger one. And it will not appear too small when cutting. When cutting, the edge of the glass film should be aligned with the center line. The cut size is generally 5-8mm smaller than the glass size. And then the film is applied.


In recent years, in the decoration industry, there has been a wind of Adhesive privacy film. That is, filming for glass. The toilet is a relatively private place in the home. Many families choose to paste the bathroom glass. Why does the bathroom glass have a film? What role does the film have? Similarly, a number of o questions come to mind. Choosing best quality Adhesive privacy film company will bring more comfort to your life.