Atomized glass has become more and more widely used in recent years. Not only tooling partitions, but also home improvement or other partitions, are well received by everyone. Especially the shower room in the hotel,
In recent years, the use has continued to expand. Before that, I also shared many articles about hotel applications. If you want to know which hotel applications, you can follow our public account to understand. . .
But many people will also ask, is there any hidden danger to the use of fogged glass in shower rooms and toilets? After all, the bathroom and shower room are relatively humid places, and they also involve power connection.
Will it get an electric shock? After all, electric tigers are scared. In response to the problems reported by everyone, we also did a test.
There is no problem with fogging glass in the shower room, but there are a few things to note:

1. The glass wiring position is facing up. (Wiring on the upper side of the glass)
2. The glass wiring position is insulated.
3. The transformer is placed on the ceiling or a little far from the water tank.
4. The glass must be sealed with special glass glue.