You can easily make your doors more secure now, with a sliding glass smart lock so you can go back to enjoying the view. Most of us agree that glass doors add a different charm to your places, provides you the sunlight, and also a pretty much outdoor inside too. It just provides an extra entry point that inks your yards and entry point. Here is what you need to know about Sliding glass door smart lock.

Standard sliding glass door, the locks they have are not just enough to withstand the home invaders, an additional lock can prevent the burglars from entering the premises and also taking the door off track. We need to pick these lock that strengthens the common weaknesses found in the many glass doors that is when sliding glass door smart lock comes in.

Sliding glass door smart lock

Home invaders will steep-down to any level, which is essential to get inside your home premises, including breaking your glass, mishandling with the door locks, or even removing the door entirely. So how do you keep your home safe and secure?

  1. Sliding glass door smart lock: ADDING THE SMART LOCK

The lock that comes straight from the manufacturers along with your sliding doors is not enough to hold the burglars at bay. As per recommendation do not stick to the factory-installed one, as door locks are the first line of defense against unwanted entries.

Most of the home improvement stores are stocking types of substantial locking systems. One of the most common problems of the sliding glass door that are often neglected are these sliding glass doors are lifted out of their frames this can be prevented by installing a metal screw or a washer on top of the door frame. This washer would prevent the burglars from uprooting the sliding glass.

One more important aspect that you should keep in mind while selecting the sliding glass door smart lock is the locks should be heavy.  If you go for those latches, robbers can force open them just with a small push. Following are some lock that you should consider when concerning sliding glass door smart locks:

  • Toledo sliding glass door patio lock
  • Lion lock
  • Okefan baby safety lock
  • Digital door lock
  • LockiT double bolt sliding door security

These locks are double-bolted and harder to tamper with than the usual sliding glass latches.

  1. Sliding glass door smart lock: Installing a security system

Do you want to cut the risk of getting robbed in half? Then the best way to look for the best security system. When it comes to invading the house the first thing that the burglars check is your security alarm system on your sliding glass door smart lock. If you have one, it would scary 65% of the burglars and they will run away.

This quick and efficient security alarm sensor adds a bonus layer of security. There is another security system called the shatter alarm. It is an additional alarming sensor that efficiently detects both the sound and also the vibration of the sliding doors. So, whenever an unwanted person tries to get through the sliding glass doors, the alarm would alert you instantly. Most companies charge a little extra but it’s worth the investment. This is extremely helpful when you have got many glass doors.

  1. Sliding glass door smart lock: affix a security bar

You want your sliding door to be forced off the tracks? A security bar that fits perfectly on your sliding glass door would be the best possible way to trick the invaders, this security bar will add an indestructible resistance along with your sliding glass door smart lock when somebody tries to get in.

If a thief disengages the sliding glass door smart lock on your sliding glass door, the thief still can’t get the door open with the security bar holding it shut on the other side. The key to using a security bar effectively is measuring the track to ensure the security bar is only a half-inch shorter than the track.

It also needs to be thin enough to fit in the track effectively. If you have a sliding glass window with a narrow track, a triangular rod works best because the edge of the wood fits into the track and the thin track holds it firmly in place. You can easily make it at home. In case, you don’t have time to hit the hardware store you can look for a hard wooden plank that’s good to go with.

  1.  Add a smart privacy glass

Sliding glass doors are easily smashable when it comes to robbery. So as to put the invader off it’s best to use a sliding glass door that has got self-adhesive smart glass film that protects your privacy. Also, these smart glass films, are made up of very strong and durable glass that can not be easily broken. Just to be clear many raiders try to set their foot, in the least obstructive way.

You can easily control frosting level can easily by applying the appropriate voltage, which gives the perfect privacy. It is highly durable for all weather conditions. This would not let the burglar gather information and steal according to it.

  • Installing a security camera

Nowadays, with the accessibility and affordability of technology, actually NOT having some form of video cameras seems like an odd school thought to make as a homeowner. Advances in security have allowed a good video camera quality, recording, and most importantly, affordability.

Security cameras help in catching the thief, if you are the victim of a burglary, the cameras will record the incident and help lead to the capture of the criminal and hopeful return of your stolen goods. This leads to our next point, that is it would record all the activities of the invader and that could be the evidence that the police would use in identifying the criminals. Just in case you are forgetting after robbery you got to claim the insurance company as well that’s when your security camera comes into play.

  1. Installing an intercom system

Installing an intercom system at your sliding door mainly the front door can add a notch to your home security system along with the sliding glass door smart lock. This way, whenever your doorbell rings, you are alerted immediately, and you can speak directly to whoever is at the door. Since it is a two-way communication device, the visitor will be able to answer your questions; with this in place, the chances of anything dangerous happening drops to the barest minimum.


With the proper planning and usage of devices, you can ensure the security of your house as well as keep your interior elegant.

Check your sliding glass every night before going to bed to ensure that all doors and windows are locked. The security bar is in place, and any sensors on the glass are active, security cameras are fully functioning.

Repair any damage to your sliding glass as soon as you discover it to keep your home’s perimeter in the best condition possible.  Of course, a burglar’s favorite sliding door break-in tool is a regular old brick. One strong throw and they’re standing inside your home. So it’s better to take precautions.

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Sliding glass door smart lock