Electrochromic Glass Film – A Future Green House Option

It’s natural for a greenhouse to get as much heat and sunlight as possible to help plants grow. However, there are times when you must limit sun and heat exposure inside. Rather than setting up tarps or plastic covers, consider designing your greenhouse with electrochromic glass film. Also known as ‘smart glass,’ it changes in color from opaque to transparent and vice-versa at the touch of a button or a switch. Some variants also allow you to control the action from a remote control or via Wi-Fi, making electrochromic glass an innovative addition to make your greenhouse more convenient and easier to manage.

High-grade electrochromic glass film is a smart PDLC film that can be used to convert most types of glass surfaces into opaque. Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) rely on electric power to work as smart or switchable films. Its molecular structure enables the change between transparent and opaque on two extremes. Small liquid crystal polymers in an optically isotropic state make that happen. When switched off, the molecules appear as clusters, rendering the glass opaque. When on, molecules align in a single direction to allow light to pass, resulting in transparent glass.


You do not have to renovate your greenhouse to accommodate smart PDLC glass drastically. There are non-adhesive and self-adhesive films you can apply to the existing glass to save time and effort. You could even have an expert apply them to avoid the guesswork and to ensure proper application. Adding an electrochromic glass film to your greenhouse could also provide more privacy when you are working inside.


You can get electrochromic glass in different sizes and a variety of colors. Be sure to look at the specifications, particularly the working voltage, thickness, maximum width, roll width and length, haze coefficient, light transmittance, power consumption, operating temperature, and UV and IR blocking. A high-quality electrochromic glass film should come with a warranty, and it should last for at least 15 years.


PDLC Film – Control the Sun with A Switch

People traditionally install blinds, curtains, or drapes to block out the sun. However, they usually require extensive maintenance, such as routine cleaning, vacuuming, or laundry, to keep them in good shape. Switching to PDLC film could save a lot of time, effort, and possibly money in the long run. Even if your building has been completed, you can still apply self-adhesive PDLC smart film to convert ordinary glass into an innovative material that can switch between transparent and opaque. That’s instant privacy for you while helping reduce heat and UV rays indoors.


Too much heat and UV exposure can be harmful for the indoor environment. They make the air-conditioning work harder, which could mean higher energy bills down the line. Moreover, they lead to discomfort and other issues, such as devices and appliances overheating and fading furniture. You can avoid that by blocking out the sun during certain times of the day. The easiest way to achieve that is with electrochromic glass film with PDLC technology.

PDLC stands for ‘polymer dispersed liquid crystal glass.’ uses electric power to switch between transparent and opaque. The film’s molecular structure is designed to gather as clusters when the film is switched off, thus, preventing light from coming in. When turned on, the PDLC smart film molecules align in a single direction to make the glass transparent again.


PDLC film is easy and effortless to install. Go for the self-adhesive variant that can be operated with a switch, a remote, or a mobile app via Wi-Fi. This smart film is user-friendly and will stick for a long time on new and existing glass frames, and it will not require any form of specialized installation. It provides convenience as one side is made of a self-adhesive layer. So, you only have to peel it off and stick it onto the glass windows or panels in your building. That makes PDLC smart film a simpler solution to upgrade any commercial or residential space.

Switchable Smart Glass – A New Way of Designing Buildings


When designing new buildings, it makes sense to consider factors like the privacy, comfort, and safety of its tenants. Switchable glass is a solution to that. It’s glass that combines glass and smart film, making it an innovative material consisting of PDLC film in the middle, two layers of tough glass on the outer part, and other composites to reinforce its structure. All materials in the switchable glass bond firmly together, which is possible using special lamination equipment.


The glass is opaque when switched off, and it becomes transparent when turned on. Those features make switchable glass a convenient safety glass that can also serve as a projection screen, making it great for office buildings or high-end entertainment rooms in homes. Different types of glass can be used when making this kind of glass, including laminated, insulating, fireproof, and art glass, and it can be applied as glass doors, windows, partitions, or curtain walls.


Switchable frosted glass has come a long way since it was first introduced and used. Reputable manufacturers have come up with innovative products such as smart switchable glass, which comes with PDLC film between multiple layers of glass. That makes it easier to switch from transparent to opaque and the other way around hassle-free so you can enjoy discretion and privacy, whether in a commercial or residential setting.


Cutting-edge technology is used in manufacturing high-quality smart switchable glass. The frames are pre-installed and pre-fixed with self-adhesive PDLC films sticking to the glass panel, or non-adhesive PDLC laminations sandwiched between glass frame panels. You can get these products in a specific type of color or width, so you should be able to find the exact smart glass that will match your interior design and needs.


Switchable glass is easy to install and come with scratch-resistant properties. It is resistant to wear and tear, and guaranteed for proven performance and results. Once installed, it will provide your building with an energy-saving feature that lets you reduce power costs and work in a more sustainable setting. Some products can be integrated with advanced technology that enables you to control the switchable glass over Wi-Fi, remote control, or a switch mechanism.


About the Author:

Justin Zhang is a representative from SGV, the leading smart glass manufacturer and wholesaler of PDLC Films and smart glass material over a span of 10 years. The company has all necessary certifications from ISO, SGS, CE, ROHS, China 3C and many other international standards with 20 technical patents.