LED light-emitting glass is a kind of high-tech building material with multiple expandability. It is a special flat-panel technology that encapsulates a single LED point light source in the form of an array between two pieces of tempered glass to form a safe sandwich structure. The LED light-emitting glass is prepared by an etching process, and the lines are basically not seen without careful inspection, which saves the trouble of complicated wiring and greatly increases the aesthetics of the product itself. Its flexible configuration structure has more powerful scalability and diversity.

LED light-emitting glass is transparent, riot-proof, waterproof, UV-resistant and designable. It is widely used in commercial buildings, office buildings, home interior and exterior decoration, lighting design, interior advertising design, clocks, lamps, etc. Elements.

The new LED smart glass not only maintains the ultra-high transparency of the glass, but also can display the photoelectric display effect through control. With the inspiration of the designer, it can create a wonderful and comfortable indoor space.

Use different colors of LED light combinations to arrange changing effects such as starry sky, matrix, etc. It can also be made on the basis of various colored glass, craft glass, etc. to create more magical effects.