Electric Privacy glass cost and diy methods


Switchable privacy glass film is suitable for a wide range of applications. The popular industries are very common in adhesive privacy consumers:

  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Office
  • car dealerships
  • Museums
  • Banks
  • Laboratories
  • private areas

They cover almost the entire area to make things invisible or visible to everyone. The foils are available in different colors. They are UV-stable and allow enough daylight into the interior of the rooms. With just one push of a button, you are practically invisible or visible within a second.

Does Switchable privacy glass film at night work?

The two-way switchable privacy glass film protects against prying eyes while maintaining visibility to the outside. Mirror effect films work thanks to the play of light balance between the two sides of the fitted glazing. We can therefore ask ourselves under what conditions does the two-way mirror film work?

The two-way Switchable privacy glass film during the day

The switchable privacy glass film without complexion works perfectly during the day. Indeed, the mirror effect of the film is created on the brightest side of the glazing.

In broad daylight, the two-way mirror film transforms the outside of the glass into a reflective screen to enhance your privacy. On the other side, the transparency of the glass allows you to keep the view to the outside.

The two-way film protects from view all day long. It is the only window film that provides visibility to the outside.

The Switchable privacy glass film, light off

Thanks to the brightness of the moon or outdoor public lighting, the light is stronger indoors than outdoors. One-way switchable privacy glass film works very well under these conditions.

It is the metallization of the mirror-effect film. Because it transforms the window into a real mirror seen from the outside.

The two-way Switchable privacy glass film, light on

In this specific case, the two-way mirror film does not protect you from vis-à-vis. In fact, when the light is on in your interior and it is dark outside. The mirror effect is reversed. Moreover, it lets the outside eyes pass.

For total protection, you can combine this solution with the installation of blinds. Hence, it will guarantee your privacy when the mirror-effect window film does not work. Similarly, there is no such thing as one-way mirror film that works at night with the light on.

People are often misinformed about switchable privacy glass film and its uses. What is it exactly? Is this a durable solution to protect its doors?

Far from being a gadget, adhesive privacy films has become essential in the building industry. Thanks to its multiple properties and applications. Our technicians and sales representatives often give us the same questions:

  • What is the resistance of a security film?
  • Does solar film really block heat?
  • Can we put films on the openings of an old building?
  • Is it better to have an adhesive or electrostatic film?
  • Does installing switchable privacy glass filmvoid my warranty?
  • Can you pose a film yourself?

What is the composition of Switchable privacy glass film?

Switchable privacy glass film generally comes with several different layers. Moreover, it depends on the type of film. For instance:

  • Solar
  • Thermal
  • Security
  • Decorative
  • Anti-waves, etc.

There are generally 2 layers of high optical quality polyester. They have inserted layers of alloy of metals such as:

  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Platinum

An anti-wave film contains metal oxides. They act as a screen. An adhesive film consists of 1, 2, 4, up to 6 different layers with the adhesive cured.

What is the lifespan of Switchable privacy glass film?

The length of a switchable privacy glass film will depend on several factors. Its film quality is fundamental. Do-it-yourself stores often offer ranges of average quality, without any guarantees.


The installation method will also have a strong impact on the life of window film. Like many things, knowing how to install window film in the perfect way is not so easy. And we often see premature deterioration following incorrect installation.

It is not uncommon to see films that are 15 or 20 years old. You can then remove the old film and replace it with a new one. Similarly, it greatly extends the life of the window.

What is the resistance capacity of a Switchable privacy glass film?

The resistance capacity of a switchable privacy glass film is impressive. The burglar-resistant security film will considerably delay burglary attempts. Because it remains in place. Furthermore, it is extremely resistant.

120 micron polyester film will largely absorb the shock wave. The pieces of glass do not shatter. However, no security film can make a window bulletproof.

Can we apply Switchable privacy glass film to old buildings?

Older homes are usually energy sieves due to their age and poor insulation. And homeowners often struggle to resolve these issues without compromising the historic look of the building.

Windows are particularly problematic and typically account for 15-30% of the total heating load and up to 50% of the cooling load during the warmer months.

Another area of ​​concern is that windows generally cannot be replaced on historic properties. It is due to:

  • structural considerations
  • regulations specific to older buildings,

Old windows not only increase energy costs for homeowners, but also allow a significant amount of UV rays to enter the building.

Untreated windows can block up to 25% of UV rays and the remaining rays can severely damage antique furniture and period rugs. It will result in fading and premature deterioration. Fortunately, switchable privacy glass film can block up to 99% of UV rays.

Does installing Switchable privacy glass film void the warranty on my windows?

This question often arises for new buildings, or for window replacement. Carpenters have the obligation of a ten-year guarantee on the windows.

Some installers give the wrong information and claim that installing switchable privacy glass film will void the warranty.

Can you install Switchable privacy glass film yourself?

In principle, the installation of window film is not very complicated. In fact, like many things, for a perfect result it is not that easy without some habit or training.

Window film must be fitted perfectly so as not to alter the transparency of the window with folds or bubbles.


The result will be visually more unsightly. For the film to last over time the installation must be done according to the rules of the art. Otherwise the duration would be greatly reduced.

In conclusion, if you have 2 m² of film to apply, do it yourself if you have the soul of a handyman. Beyond that we advise you to call on a professional switchable privacy glass film.

High performance solar or thermal films are relatively expensive to buy, and you risk having thrown your money down the drain!