Updated Switchable privacy glass cost for homes

What is switchable privacy glass?

Switchable privacy glass is also called “intelligent” glass. It is due to its ability to change the light transmission at the push of a button. It is one of the so-called “functional glasses”.

One of its greatest advantages is that it can be made milky, transparent, dimming or colored using the remote control.

Large companies use dimmable windows via circuitry. For example, it is to avoid excessive heat or glare in the staff offices. Similarly, it can be a constantly changing partition between meeting rooms and other areas.

Switchable privacy glass is a purchase that is certainly not standard equipment in most homes. In offices, however, a facade that includes intelligent functional glass can be very useful. Moreover, it can even save air conditioning and blinds

The innovation for more well-being – that’s how switchable privacy glass work

There are three different versions of intelligent glazing. It depends on the technology used to manufacture these glasses and influence their transparency:

  • switchable glass
  • Thermo chromic glazing
  • LC glass

Thermo- and electro chromic glasses can completely regulate the incidence or the radiation of light and heat. The light transmission, especially in summer, can be reduced to 15 to 50 percent.

Electro chromic glass / switchable glass

Switchable privacy glass can change their color when a voltage is applied thanks to a special, thin coating. This does not provide effective privacy protection. But these glazings are suitable:

  • as sun protection
  • for subdued light or
  • for temperature control in the room

As soon as the voltage is removed, the switchable film becomes transparent again and the light can enter the room unhindered. When darkened, electro chromic windows usually have a bluish tint.


It is due to the coating used. In extreme heat, they enhance the effect of a partition between the inside and the outside.

Thermo chromic glazing

The color of switchable privacy glass is influenced by the incident solar radiation or the degree of heat generated thereby.

The glazing automatically darkens when the temperature on the glass pane reaches a certain value. This is done using a film with thermo chromic substances.

If the sun hits the window, the substances in the film change color and create an effective sun protection glass. The process can also be controlled via an operator control, sometimes even with a smartphone.

Liquid crystal switchable privacy glass

Liquid Crystal – or LC – is an intelligent glass that works using polymeric liquid. The difference to the other examples in the field of functional glass is its transparency. Liquid crystal panes only become transparent when electricity is applied and do not lose their transparency.

This switchable privacy glass technology does not prevent UV radiation. However, the crystals scatter the incident light in such a way that a frosted glass look is created.

The glasses, which consist of two float glass panes – with the crystal film in the middle – are ideal as a privacy screen. Furthermore, It can be switched off at the push of a button.

Saving energy with switchable privacy glass

If the lighting conditions are classified as optimal, the glass surface usually remains clear. Otherwise you can simply switch it to a different state.

Switchable privacy glass on the building is, for example, immersed in a mostly opaque blue. Thanks to the chemical-electrical reaction, while LC glass is often used for privacy is used.

In the case of darkening, lower surface temperatures are measured on the pane. It saves high costs for an air conditioning system.

Electrically controllable glasses prevent unnecessary electricity costs. It not only contributes to a positive energy balance, but also to a pleasant working atmosphere. In addition, the use of smart windows ensures that there are no annoying reflections on the screen.

What does switchable privacy glass cost? 

The prices of switchable privacy glass are currently still relatively high. In addition to the price per square meter, controls, switches or similar must be added.

As a rule, the manufacturers create a non-binding offer. Similarly, the total number of:

  1. square meters
  2. additional control elements
  3. Assembly
  4. transport, etc. are calculated

Switchable privacy glass in the car 

There was previously talk of window glass for buildings. Switchable glasses are of course also ideal for vehicles:

Some of them are already there.  In the future they will certainly be used even more if the price drops.

  • The possibilities would be diverse:
  • The window could be darkened depending on the brightness
  • Depending on the temperature and humidity, the panes could regulate the heating and ensure clear panes
  • Projections are also conceivable

Tomorrow’s facade – how close are we already?

Whether living or working: Nowadays you can operate a wide variety of objects electrically or even electronically. Switchable privacy glass is a high-tech product. It was still considered science fiction a few years ago.

  • Innovative single-pane safety glass
  • insulating glass
  • laminated glass
  • alarm and walk-on glass

They have been added to the flat glass commonly used in window construction in recent decades. The price of the material and the system of these products is slowly falling.

Why switchable privacy glass?

Switchable glass that can change your own transparency at the push of a button is just another step in this development. There are now glasses on the market that works on the same principle as a touch screen.

So today you have not only an intelligent cell phone. But now also a switchable privacy glass, the “smart window” with “smart glass”.


Many people love summer. But with all its joy, it also brings certain plagues with it. These include:

  • sultry heat
  • sunburn or sting
  • stuffy air
  • Sweating
  • Overheated rooms

Sun protection glass can solve several of these problems. This special glass facade repels intensive radiation. Moreover, it can block up to 82% of the incident solar energy.

The switchable privacy glass can relieve and partially replace other shading systems. Thereby it can save energy and protect the environment.

Facades with sun protection for comfortable living

The principle of switchable Window glass is simple. A special coating is applied to the inside of individual facade elements. For example we can take tin-doped indium oxide.

This layer retains long-wave radiation. Subsequently, it is also possible to add dyes which increase the protection factor against radiation already during the melting process.

Special combination: If you want to make your glazing flexible, you can even have reversible foils inserted in the space between the panes.

It can be moved up and down by motor or manually. And thus offer a switchable sun protection glass. In this way light and energy transmission can be regulated.

Switchable privacy glass Function for every purpose – with the best effect

Switchable privacy glass is one of the functional glasses in architecture. Because it can influence thermal insulation and light transmission (TL). The high-tech windows can even replace air conditioning and thus save electricity.

So you can even create a pleasant living environment under one roof. No matter which variant of sun protection glass you choose, it guarantees thermally balanced rooms and high energy efficiency.


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