To start a new business there’s lot of things we’ll consider whether we can earn big profit in pdlc glass film and lcd smart glass field. To know market trends and opportunities,the difference and advantage of switch glass films,the management of marketing,etc. Today we’d like to share the markets of switchable smart film and glass, to know where are they used or applied.

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The main Markets of smart film&switchable privacy glass:

  • Architecture: High-grade hotels, villas, offices, conference rooms, toilet doors and windows, shower rooms, kitchen doors and windows, glass curtain walls, greenhouses, science and technology residential buildings, commercial buildings, factories, laboratories, doors and windows, or partitions of clean rooms.
  • Financial and medical treatment: Bank counter window, automatic teller machine security window; Hospital baby room, or visiting window of intensive care unit.
  • Car windows: Car skylights, subway, high-speed rail.
  • Various industries: Interior design application, exhibition hall, command center, prison isolation room, home theaters, ticket window, shop window, commercial advertisement, etc


Applications Banking System:

Smart glass film opens up a new field of modern bank that has high-performance covert function, so that the working environment is more secure. Because of the bullet-proof self adhesive window film counter used for bank isolation, during business hours the glass window remains transparent, once an emergency occurs, in a few seconds the window can be immediately darkened so that the terrorists lose the looting targets, which leave enough time for police officers to subdue the robbers, and to maximize the safety of personnel life and property.


switchable privacy glass

Practical industrial system

The feature of transparent and opaque of switchable glass film brings a new working environment to the factory workshop. At the same time, it is convenient to monitor the working condition and customers’ visit, and to prevent be disturbed by unrelated personnel.

switchable glass windows in factory workshop

Multimedia intelligent system

1,Multimedia intelligent system integrates intelligent visual film, ultra-short focus touch screen, infrared touch screen and computer diversification technology. It can be projected, touched and realizes the interaction of super body feeling game without power.

The glass becomes transparent when the power is on, which realize 3D stereoscopic image without affecting the display of exhibits. It can be applied in shopping malls, outdoor advertisements, bank exhibitors and other equipment or public places.

2,Intelligent viewing film opens up a new field of projection, is the first choice for projection wall because it can zoom in and out of the picture with projector.

Hollywood movie stars, directors, business giants, multinational companies adorn noble buildings with smart screens. Amusement parks use smart screens to achieve magic sound and light effects. It can be used in villas, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, hotels, cultural relics showrooms, museums, churches, command centers, restaurants, car skylights, etc.. It can be pasted on doors window, ceiling, fog-like insulation, while transparency does not be affected, and shopping malls can use back projection screen as advertising wall to attract customers



Hotel System

Smart ‘Privacy Rooms’ are becoming increasingly popular within hotels,offering users the chance to study, work and sleep in the height of privacy.Strongly recommend switchable smart glass

Dimmable glass is waterproof and easily installation for shower room,bathroom.


Office :Smart lcd window film brings the modern office environment a new field of invisibility, showing a completely different hidden space. Both design and visual will give you an extraordinary new experience. Being seen or not, depending on your own control.

switchable glass privacy indoor


At home we can have the switchable privacy film or smart laminated glass in restroom,living room doors and windows, offer us a privacy space to enjoy time.

Above is with limited projects to share, but its wide usage are welcomed by people. More and more people are searching on internet(you can have the search trends from google trends) where there’s a glass there’s a switchable film.