Great Daytime Privacy

Mirror reflective effect will help protect indoor privacy and you can enjoy your daytime space as you like

Block Sunlight & UV Rejection

Anti UV and anti glare, blocking out most of sunlight and reducing the fading and aging of your interior furnishings

Upgraded With Glue Design

Self adhesive, install by Static Cling, easy to apply with a lot of water

How to Find and Peel Off the Clear Backing Film:

Step 1 – Please wet one window film corner and use your fingers to twist it for a while to loosen the attachment between the window film and clear backing film; Step 2 – Please attach a sticky tape to the side of the clear backing film corner (we have also attached a small sticky tape on each roll of window film for your convenience), and then press it for effective attachment; Step 3 – And then you are able to separate the clear backing film from the window film easily.


The instruction manual is sealed together with the film roll. The window film works only on FLAT, CLEAN, and SMOOTH surfaces. It will not stick on plastic, broken or uneven surfaces.


The privacy effect of the window film will vary with the change of light and angle. The mirror effect means it has a slightly reflective effect, not totally like a mirror.

The different effects between daytime and night: The outside glass will show a mirror effect as well as keep your privacy during the daytime. At night, the outdoor glass will lose the mirror effect, and people outside can see Inside.

Therefore, curtains are necessary at night. (Reasons: The side with stronger light will have a mirror-like appearance, while the other side will be see-through.

This means when indoor light is stronger than outdoor, people outside can see people inside. In general, people outside can’t see people inside during the daytime)

Self adhesive & Totally Reusable

This Self adhesive one way mirror window film has with High-end plants glue design and no chemical release, can be easily removed without any glue residue left, and you can re-position and re-apply it for multiply times.

It’s the best choice for rental apartment.

Mirror-Like Appearance & Top Privacy

The outside glass will show mirror effect during the day. And this mirror effect window film is perfect for indoor privacy protecting in the daytime.

Reject Harmful Lights

As our window film can block up most of the harmful UV rays and infrared rays, you can enjoy the sunlight and beautiful view but don’t get sunburned.

Anti Glare and Add Comfort

You can work effectively and relax comfortably by significantly reducing eye strain and discomfort from excessive light with our one way mirror film.

How to Use: Clean the Surface and Get the Needed Film

1.Clean the target surface thoroughly. Make sure there is no oil, dust, or stain left. 2.Measure and trim the film to the required size. Please trim it carefully with your sharp knife cutter for it would tear if you use too much force.

3.Peel off the backing film. Please affix tapes on both sides of the window film to separate. 4.Spray a lot of water both on the films and window surface (Very Important).

5.Apply the film to window glass. 6.Use the soft towel or squeegee to wipe the film back and forth to make sure that the bubbles and water have been totally removed.

7.Trim off the margins. 8.Use a cloth or squeegee to flatten out the film. Teamwork will be more helpful!