PRIVACY PROTECTION – The one way mirror window film provides great intended privacy during DAYTIME ONLY; the mirror-effect is reversed at night since the interior will be exposed to more light than the exterior. The side with the most light will have the mirror-like appearance HEAT INSULATION AND ENERGY SAVING – Blocking out 85% of infrared rays, the heat control window film can retain heat in winter and keep it out in summer, helping reduce expensive energy costs. NOT RECOMMENDED for DUAL PANE WINDOWS

USING THE NEW GLUE – This home tinted window film is not sticky after water immersion and is easier to install than a glue film; after the water is dry up, the viscosity is restored and becomes even stronger. Remember to use A LOT of soapy water to wet both the adhesive side and window surface

EFFECTIVE UV REJECTION – UV solvents added at the bottom, the window reflective film can blocks out 99% of UV rays, and reduces fading and aging of interior furnishings,anti-scratch layer on the surface, friction resisting, won’t fade nor blister, easy to remove, economical and practical

Different effect between daytime and night The outside glass will show a mirror effect as well as keep your privacy only during daytime, and you can see outside from inside. When evening indoor light is stronger, then the glass outside will lose mirror effect as well as outside people can see inside, so remember to draw shades if necessary.

One way window film gives the window that reflective, mirrored look and also blocks hot solar rays from entering through your window. It rejects about 99% of the UV rays, helping to reduce fading on your precious furniture or other UV sensitive belongings, and about 80% of the total solar energy coming in from the sun. By maintaining your room at a cool, moderate temperature, you can promote a more environmentally aware lifestyle by reducing energy usage and help create a greener world.

Customer questions & answers

Question: So at night, since garage is dark inside, with this tint, no one from the outside will be able to see inside?

Answer: No they can see I in at night but not in the day time. You can see out from your side either day or night

Question: What is the “applicaton solution”? None came with it.

Answer: Non-ammonia glass cleaner is what you can use

Question: what if you want the brown effect to be on the inside and not outside to give inside apartment a modern window look from inside?

Answer: mirror side out , but you can still see in when its dark outside and bright inside

Question: How hard the surface is? I have idea for using it for refurbishing my glass coffee table, it’s surface is already scratched a lot.

Answer: It’s not a hard surface; in fact, it’s a roll of flexible film as pictured. Also, if it gets scratched, the reflective nature becomes lost at those points and will not look good over time. It’s really intended for windows to keep daytime privacy and reflect sunlight away like the concept of a 2-way mirror.