Creates Daytime Privacy, Let You Enjoy Your Life Easily and Safely During Daytime!

Why Choose SGV’s One Way Window Film?

● You can enjoy your good time in your room or living room, immersed in the afternoon tea and sun bath without worrying about the eyes outside the window.

● You will feel very good when you can see outside and outside cannot see you, after applying the window tint, outside glass shows mirror reflective effect, it gives you more privacy from nosy neighbors.

● The window film effectively resist external heat, save the cost of air conditioning costs, insulates heat in summer and cold in winter. Let you and your family enjoy a more comfortable indoor life.

● Our window tint can against all kinds of harmful light, protect your skin and eyes, reduce glare, prevent your precious furniture from fading, keep your home more cool and comfortable.

● If you are looking for a way to have some privacy and cut down on the heat from the sun. This has been just what you wanted.


Q1: Why did my window film fall off after a day?

A1: Maybe the transparent backing film wasn’t peeled off, please remember to peel the backing off before applying, and apply the smooth side to the window glass.

Q2: Any good way to smooth out the air bubbles?

A2: Spraying a lot of soapy water is the key point, spray generously! Water makes it easier to smooth out the air bubbles.

Outdoor-Privacy Protection

The window film provides privacy in the daytime, it has a nice mirror finish during the day. From the outside, it just looks like a very reflective window, you can give more privacy to the windows of your home.

Indoor-Enjoy Beautiful View

If you use curtains or frosted films for privacy, it will block the sunlight and views from outside, this one way window film is much better, you can enjoy the sunlight and beautiful view from outside window and not expose yourself.

At Night-Close The Curtain

When the inside light is stronger than outside, the mirror-effect is reversed, the one way window film CAN NOT provide privacy protection, outside people can see inside. Please remember close the curtains during night or cloudy.

Installation Instructions:

● Please follow the instructions to apply the privacy window film, it’s the easiest way to do it.

Recommended Tools: Squeegee, Spray Bottle, Measuring Tape, Stainless Steel Ruler, Scraper(Credit Card), Lint Free Towel.

Step 1: Clean Your Windows – Use a squeegee to clean the windows, make sure your windows are thouroughly cleaned.

Step 2: Measure Window’s Size and Cut Film – Cut the film 1 inch longer and wider than window.

Step 3: Remove Protective Liner and Spray Soapy Water – Spray your film with soapy water, during the film separation process.

Step 4: Wet the Window Well with a lot of Soapy Water.

Step 5: Apply the Film Against Glass – Make sure you spray both the window and the film with enough soapy water before applying it.

Step 6: Squeegee Out All Bubbles – Spray a bit of soapy water on the window film, the soapy water helps the squeegee slide easier.

Use a solid squeeze to apply film and eliminate bubbles, from center to end.

Step 7: Cut Off Excessive Film.

Step 8: Seal & Dry – Spray over applied film again, wipe with a lint free towel.

Some Warm Tips:

1. The window film can only suitable for flat, smooth and clean glass. Most important is to make sure that your window is thoroughly clean, every little speck of dirt may create a bubble.

2. Do not pull the backing off the window film until you are absolutely ready to use the film. Dust may cause the film difficult to stick. As you peel the backing off, do so smoothly and slowly as to not cause any creases. Bubbles you can get out, creases you may can not.

3. You may need another person or two people to help you if you plan to apply the large windows.


Customer questions & answers


Question:Our windows are close to our neighbors, their children often look at our house, which makes us very upset. Can this window film really work?

Answer:Our windows are also very close to our neighbors, we puted this on any windows where neighbors can look in, it provides us with a good protection of privacy, you can try it. But you still need to close the curtains at night.

By Oscar Wyat(t) on October 29, 2020


Question:Is it easy to install on the window? I saw some people said it was not easy to install?

Answer:My wife and I installed this window film on Sunday, I think it is very easy to install.

Just clean windows, measure and cut window film, remove transparent backing film and spray a lot of soapy water on the window film and windows, apply the wet side of the film onto the wet glass, then remove all the bubbles and cut o… see more

By Marian E. on November 3, 2020


Question:We want to install this on a window in our daughter’s room. Does it stay long? How do keep it from falling off the window?

Answer:As long as you follow the instructions supplied with the film it will not peel off at all. One of the most important things to remember is to measure twice, cut once.. The film will stay in place as if it’s part of the window as long as you follow the directions and keep it airtight. I’ve had mine for months and had ze… see more

By JT on November 2, 2020