Seller’s Comment:

This paper features a Textured Cloth feel on the surface.

It has a plain no pattern surface, Please line up the seam carefully. after it’s done, the seam is invisible.

When you applying this paper, please do NOT peel all the backing all at once, if you do so, the paper will easily all stick to itself, or stick all over the place. Please peel starting from one corner, peel a little bit, and then line up, then peel gradually while you lining. Do not peel all the backing all at once!

New way to refurbish your home:

. A beautiful and easy addition to your home, bedroom, living room or kid’s room décor
. Easy to Apply, Removable, Durable, and Moisture Resistance
. Made from removable self-adhesive pvc material, non-toxic and will never damage your walls
. No transfer film needed, simply peel and stick.

Where it can be used on?

DIY decoration

Great choice for DIY project, recreate a new home life!

Any flat surface


Bar cabinet


More usage

Meet your difference decorative project.

Instructions of white wood paper

. Please make sure the surface of object is clean and smooth
. Adjust contact paper to the surface and cut it 1/2″ larger than the
actual size of the surface, avoid it can’t cover your object completely
. Peel off the backing paper slowly and little by little when paste
. Push away from the center with your palm
. If there are wrinkles after pasting, you can remove it slowly to paste
. Use a utility knife to cut off the excess