The power supply for our PDLC film and privacy glass has better electrical parameters, stable working voltage, intelligent program control, and protection against over-power, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits


1. Safe output voltage without damaging the liquid crystal molecules inside the glass

2. Short-circuit protection: Resume work when the fault is removed, no need to replace the fuse

3. Over-current protection: Activate protection when a large current is detected, and resume work when the fault is


4. Overload protection: better construction protection, no need to worry about accidents such as line burns or

even fires caused by overload

5. Overvoltage protection: smart chip monitors the parameters of the output voltage in real-time

6. Program control system and electronic/relay switch control, the electronic switch has no switching noise, relay

switch adopts high indium contact, with long switch life, and strong resistance to the current impact

7. Effffect transition response is faster and softer, with no delay

8. Independently developed remote control codes, no repetition of the remote control

9. Simple code pairing provides users with a convenient new remote control pairing channel, no more worry about

loss of remote control.

10. Better sensitivity, longer remote control distance