With the development of science and technology, people are applying more and more technology products to their home life, office partitions, and decoration, often see some advanced technology in decoration building materials, such as Switchable Smart glass partitions.
Nowadays, the common smart glass on the market are ordinary white and ultra-white . There will always be customers wondering whether to choose ordinary white or Ultra white?

Now let us briefly introduce to you.

Original ordinary white glass: generally the color of glass is greenish, and the light transmittance is generally 90%-92%
The original ultra-white glass: transparent, no variegated color. The light transmittance is generally 92%-95%


The difference between normal white and super white

The difference between finished ordinary white smart glass and super white smart glass:

After the original glass and the smart PDLC film are laminated, we will find that the ordinary white smart glass will appear greener than the ultra-white smart glass, and the ultra-white glass will appear more white. This is because the glass thickness increases and the color becomes darker.

Therefore, the light transmittance will be lower than the light transmittance of ordinary original glass. Because after adding smart pdlc film and double film, the light transmittance has a certain obstacle. So it seems that the light transmittance will not be as transparent as ordinary glass
In fact, the light transmittance of ordinary white smart glass and Ultra white smart glass are almost the same, that is, the color is slightly different, so when you choose smart glass, it depends on your requirements.