The structure of dimming glass is a new type of special optoelectronic glass formed by compounding a liquid crystal film into the middle of two layers of glass and bonding them under high temperature and high pressure. Light glass has ordinary glass
And electronically controlled curtains. It also has the characteristics of safety glass, as well as privacy protection.
Dimmable glass has the following characteristics:
1. Privacy feature: users can adjust the transparent or opaque state of the glass at any time, the response speed is fast, and instant invisibility can be achieved within 1/10 second. It is also used in buildings that require confidentiality or privacy protection. The window glass made of it is as convenient as curtains with electrical control devices.
2. Safety: When broken by impact, glass fragments stick to the film in the middle, and there will not be any injuries caused by glass fragments splashing.
3. Power saving characteristics: transparent when power is on, opaque when light is off, and light is abundant under the condition of protecting privacy.
4, environmental protection characteristics: dimmable glass can shield more than 98% of ultraviolet light, can protect indoor furnishings from fading, aging, etc. due to ultraviolet radiation, can also protect personnel from diseases caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation.
5. Energy saving: The heat insulation performance is above level 2.
6. Sound insulation characteristics: The light-adjusting film and film in the middle of the light-adjusting glass have sound damping effect, which can effectively block all kinds of noise up to 38 dB, even exceeding the hollow sound-proof glass.
The sound insulation performance is related to the thickness of the glass. The glass thickness or the thickness of the glass air layer shall be measured with a glass thickness detecting instrument LS201. There are two modes of automatic measurement and manual measurement, which can accurately test the thickness of insulating glass of various specifications.
How to use automatic mode:
1. Press the “Power” key to turn on the machine, and the automatic mode will be displayed.
2. The back of the instrument is tightly flat against the surface of the glass to be measured. Press the “Measure” key shortly, the instrument enters the measurement state, and the results are displayed.
3. Long press “Select” key to set automatic or manual mode
4. There is no key operation for 10 minutes, the instrument will automatically shut down.