Description :
*Flexible and insulating wrapping wire is easy to work, the PVC coated tin-plated single strands copper is durable.
*Plastic spool will be provided together for better organizing.
*Fit for breadboard, jumper wire, test jig, jtag or any electronic test uses.
Wrapping Wire is widely used for laptop, motherboard, LCD display, breadboard, electronic test and other PCB soldering fly line.  

Specifications :
*Model : P/N DM-30-1000.
*Wire Gauge : 30AWG
*Copper Core Quantity : Single Strand
*Copper Core Diameter : 0.25mm
*Copper Core Cross-sectional Area : 0.05mm2
*Material : Plastic, PVC, Tin Plated Copper
*Wire Outer Diameter : 0.58mm
*Wire Length : 250M / 820ft; 200M / 656.2ft
Package Content :
*1 x Wrapping Wire

250M Black
250M Yellow
250M Green
250M Gray
250M Blue
200M Yellow
200M Orange
250M Orange
200M Black
200M Gray
200M Red
250M White
200M Brown
250M Red
200M White
200M Green
200M Purple
200M Blue