Name: Bird Frosted Window Film (Perfect curtain replacement)

Size: 30*100 cm, 45*100 cm,60*100 cm , 45*200 cm , 60*200 cm , 90*200 cm

Design style: Painted

Apply for:Living room;Bedroom;Office;Kitchen;Front door and any smooth glass surface.

Notice: Check width before ordering though


window film

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Where can the window film be used in our life?

Boring Office: Sometimes the most refreshing way is not just coffee, but also jokes between colleagues, music in headphones, and window Films that help you block crowded and noisy outsiders.

Warm Home:The home is always insignificant and great, and Please install the window film that provides security and privacy for the family.

Lively Campus:Schools need window film most, and you don’t have to worry about broken windows hurting students When you put the window film on your windows and doors.

And so on


window film

Window Film Installation

1. Clean your window.

2. Measure the window .

3. Measure and Cut film.

4. Wet the window, more water more better.

5. Peel off the backing film .

6. Position Film and Squeeze out Bubbles

7. Dry off the window

What is the most important step in the installation?

1. Spray more WATER when you apply the window film.

2.Please make sure to REMOVE the backing film.


window film

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Seven advantages make you life more comfortable


  • Protecting privacy: make the living space comfortable,you can fully relax at home
  • Opaque but Light transmission:filter strong light and reduce glare,Will not darken your room and same time protect skin and vision
  • No glue: easy to install, clean, Remove no residue , no chemicals
  • Adding beauty: adding aesthetics to buildings and furniture, blocking the undesired environment outside
  • Repeated use: no fading, no blistering, detachable and repeated paste, can be used for more than 5 years
  • Insulation and energy saving: summer heat insulation, prevent indoor heat outflow in winter, reduce air conditioning and heating cost
  • Block UV: block 99% of UV rays, protect indoor furniture and wallpaper from fading, slow down furniture aging and extend service life


What do you think is the advantage of the window film?

window sticker

window film

privacy window film



Privacy Levels: FOUR Top privacy for your home and office,Recommended for use in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, balcony, skylight.


Perfect window decoration brings vitality and happiness to your home


When you want privacy and want sunshine, this is definitely your best choice.