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Color change according to Sunlight, On sunny days, Sunice films reacts to the sunlight intensity and become darker to reduce sun heat and glare. On cloudy, rainy days and at night, it remains lighter and maximizing available daylight.
Size: 50*100/200/300/500cm
Material : PET
Thickness: 3mil=0.075mm
Visible Light Transmission: 20%~75%VLT
UV Rejection: 99%
High UV and IR rejection
High precision nano coating
Automatic adjustment of visible light comfort level
Package Included : 1sheet
Functions: Thermal insulation , heat preservation, energy saving, explosion proof, UV isolation, IR reflection, privacy and security protection, etc.
1. The light control film is mainly affected by the UV in the sunlight. The stronger the light, the more obvious the color change.
2.If the automotive glass or building glass is UV resistant, the color change of the light control film will be weak or even absent.