Item Specifications:

VLT: 18%-45%

IR :90%-92%

UV : 99%

TSER: 67%-76%

Size: 60”x20”(152cm x 50cm); 20”x39.37”(50cmx100cm); 20”x78.74”(50cmx200cm); 20”x118”(50cmx300cm); 21cmx30cm(A4)

Thickness:2 mil


Features: Anti UV, Heat Resist, waterproof.
Area of use: Car window,building galss,home window etc
Life: (based on vertical surface exposure) 10 years

Advantage of photochromic film :

Photochromic window film become darken in response to UV light in less than one minute, and continue to be darker a little over the next ten minutes. This film begin hIGH VLT in the absence of UV light, and will be noticeably lighter within two minutes, mostly clear within five minutes, and fully back to their non-exposed state in about fifteen minutes.

This film will prevents sunlight from achieving true sunglass darkness in very hot weather.

1. Drape towels / drop cloths over your glass of the windows / doors / any other parts with glass.

2. Clean window glass and frame using a razor scraper and the joy solution. Wipe and clean as thoroughly as possible, making sure that all debris is completely eliminated.

3. After cleaning, remove the release liner and apply the safety film to the clean glass. Try the “back-rolling” technique when you apply the film by rolling it onto the glass in one smooth step, minus wrinkles or creases.

4. Squeegee the film to “tack” it in place and to remove some water. On first squeegee, take out as much water from under the film and inspect the entire film for cleanliness. At this point, you can still lift the film and rinse out any remaining debris.

5. Next, trim the film with the snap blade knife and trimming tool, to fit exposed glass and achieve the correct edge margin size of approximate 1/16 inch wide. A proper job will make the border hardly noticeable.

6. Squeegee out the remaining water well. Less water under the film will help it dry faster. Next, inspect the film for the last time. At this point, the film can still allow lifting, rinsing and touch ups.

7. After inspection, seal the edges of the film tightly by wrapping a towel or a diaper around your trim tool. Use this to push out any moisture near the film’s edges to ensure clean edges and proper film bonding.

8. Rinse the installed window film and do a final inspection.

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