Why choose Window Film?

TOP Privacy Protection Level: it’s nice to feel safe at your own place

User-Friendly: Hassle free peel-stick application in a breeze, easy removal leaving no damage or residue

Glue Free: Simply use soapy water to install, no toxic glue required

Reusable: Premium PVC material offers extra durability, can be re-positioned and reused repeatedly

UV Protection: Say goodbye to 96% of UV rays that may hurt your skin

Energy Saving: Control your energy costs by reducing the hot spots in summer and retaining the heat in winter

Glue Free Design

Static cling window film, easy to install and remove in minutes with no residue. No harmful substance release.

Provide Privacy and Allow Light in

Provide semi privacy-keep birds from crashing and pets barking from seeing outside. No broken blind anymore.

Widely Application

Widely used on office,lounge,bedroom,bathroom,sliding doors or windows. Replace traditional curtains with this elegant and beautiful window film.

Size and Packaging

Size: 30/45/60/75/90x200cm Please measure and record the length and width of each piece of glass you plan to tint first. Suggest buy 5-15% more for waste or scrap.

Package: One continuous roll (not separate pieces)

Include: Product; Installation tool

We’ll package them line with EPE,outer layer of bubble film to protect them. Some special product will be protected by paper tube.

How to install LUCKYYJ window film?

1.Clean glass(make sure your glass is clean and smooth).

2.Wet glass(the more water,the better).

3.Cut the film into required size and peel off the transparent backing film.

4.Past the smooth side to glass.

5.Scraper the film from up to down,left to right.

6.Cut the excess film(leave a small gap about 1 cm between the film and window to let water flow out).

Questions & Answers

Q1:Why my window film can not cling?

A1:Have not wet the window with water, or have not removed the transparent backing film.Please don’t forget to remove the protective film or it will not cling.If you have removed the protective side,you may applied the wrong side.Please paste the smooth side to the window.

Q2:Why there are so many bubbles?

A2:Too less water.Please tear it down and spray a lot of water,the more water,the better.

Q3:Why the edge of my window film began to fell off?

A3:The edge of film is too close to the window.Please leave a small gap(about 1 cm )to let the water flow out so that the film can stick well.